What is a war marshal?


A War Marshal is someone who judges and referees a world boffing league event. War Marshals are responsible for the safety of all the players and their duties include making shot calls, checking weapons, surveying the battlefield for potential hazards and keeping thins fair and safe in general.

At this time, War Marshalls are a Volunteer position. All war marshals must be reachable and able to show up to sanctioned WBL events.

All War Marshals will be posted on the Staff Sections of the page. If a War Marshal is not on the staff page, they are not Sanctioned by the WBL.

If you would like to help the sport grow, please sign up to be a War Marshal!

Fill out the form below, and tell us your name / phone number / city / state and which group you are with if any.

Must have experience checking weapons and judging fights.