What is Boffing?

Boffing in general, is Fighting between two people with Padded weapons of some kind. the size and shape of the weapons are different depending on the rules and group and individual ideas of each player.

The Term “Boffing” came from the noise it makes when the weapons make contact.



Is this Larping?

No. This is not Larping. There is no magic, or story telling or any Role playing other than people pretending like they have actual weapons.

This is a Full speed, Full contact Sport.
How can i join?

Anyone can go to a local park and participate in the various boffing groups found around the world. The locations of various groups are on the Maps located in the Boffing groups section of this website.


To join the World Boffing League organization, you must first Sign up and register, then Form a team of 20 people, or you yourself can enter the single man tournament.  Once you have made your decision you must Contact  the administrator and he will form your team.  Unfortunately this is NOT an automated process yet.  once we gather funds we will re-build this website and all systems will be automated.

Does it cost money?

Boffing is Free.

To join a Team is free.

To Create a team, there is a Cost of about 20$ currently for a Professional Logo. All teams must have a logo for it to be a legal team.  For 20 man teams. this is only 1 dollar per person.

Where does the money go?

Right now, the Logo Money goes 100% to the Logo makers. These are professionals who have decided to help grow the sport by lowering their rates just for you for a limited time.

Other sources of income such as Auctions, all go to bettering the sport. HD cameras, better websites… you name it!

How old do i have to be?

The WBL does not Speak for Boffing groups, but generally most groups will allow 14 and over to fight. Please check with each individual group for their age requirements.

To be a professional in the WBL you may sign up with your parents written permission at 15.
Can i get hurt?

Yes, you can get hurt playing any sport.  Although injury is unlikely accidents happen just like any sport.

unlike in football, physical contact such as kicking, wrestling, and  grabbing is not permitted.

Note, that ALL weapons and armor are checked to the highest standard for saftey and nothing with exposed core material is allowed in play, or potentially breakable weapons.



Do i have to dress up?

Absolutely not.  People come off the street in jeans and T-shirts as well as business suits, or some choose to dress up in full monster make up. that diversity is  what makes this sport so amazing.



Is there magic

No,  there is no magic or spells in the game. You could dress up like a wizard if you wanted to REALLY  wanted to, but there are no spells.

Where can i find Boffing in my area?

You can use this site and check the boffing groups area to see if any locations are filled out on the maps. These maps are 100% user driven, so its up to each person to add their own locations. because of this, it may not always be accurate.

you can also check each website in the boffing groups section for their information and locations.




Can i become rich and famous doing this?

Thats up to you.  If you have Style and Flare and stand out and have a good name, then you have a much higher chance at becoming famous and making it to the Dragon League.

we are talking to various sponsors about  endorsing with us as a sport or individual players, Just like Nascar endorses drivers.

However, you really have to catch someone’s eye for this to happen.
How does Scoring work?

Score, not to be confused with “Ranking” is easy.

In Team matches, you have 20 v 20.

Each kill is worth 1 point, making a win an automatic 20 points.

You get 1 bonus point for each person left alive on your team.

So if your team wins, and has 3 people left alive at the end of the match, then you are awarded 23 points.

After that, the teams break up into matches of 5v5, 3v3, 2v2 and 1v1.

there are several rounds of each of these matches.

the scoring in 5v5 is 2 points per kill.

the scoring in 3v3 is 3 points per kill.

the scoring in 2v2 is 4 points per kill.

the scoring in 1v1 is 5 points per kill.


In the single man tournaments, each kill is worth 1 point.