This is a map of all known SCA Parks in the world.

This map is fully editable so users may add their own parks and games to this map.



1: Be logged in with a GOOGLE account
2: Open the Map in a larger window, a link at the bottom of the screen is provided.
3: Type in the approximate address of the park where you play and if possible try to get an accurate image on Google Maps.
4: After you found the place you wish to add, Right click on the map and click “Whats here”. A marker on the left should appear with an address.
5: Click the marker and then click Save to map. it will ask you “WHICH MAP” For this particular map, save to Global SCA Map

TO EDIT the Information, click on My places, Global SCA Map, and select the one you added, hit Edit and place your information in, then Save.

This is a bit harder to do for someone who isn’t used to Google maps but until we have a fully Customized Website, this is how we have to do it for now. i appreciate your patience

View GLOBAL SCA MAP in a larger map