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Nero Rules –

NERO International is a live action role-playing game (LARP) played in the United States and Canada. The NERO name originally was an acronym for “New England Role playing Organization”, but the game has expanded well beyond its original New England roots and thus simply adopted the acronym as part of the official name.
NERO is a lightest touch “boffer” style LARP that uses simulated combat with padded weapons. At a NERO event, players gather at a group campsite (often a State or National Park) on weekends reserved by the local chapter. A group of staff members write the plot and story for the event, while a cast of volunteer NPCs play the roles of monsters and townspeople, helping to sustain the illusion that the campsite in the woods is actually a medieval-fantasy town. The heroes of the event (or PCs), play the part of adventurers, nobility, and various ne’er-do-wells that are spending the weekend in that location. Most chapters run an average of six to ten events a year.
Over the course of an event, characters earn treasure in the form of gold and silver coins (actually brass and nickel tokens minted for the game), magical components, or enchanted items through battle with fantasy monsters and by solving puzzles or other challenges. Characters also earn experience points for surviving the weekend which they can use to buy more skills and become more powerful.

The NERO LARP Mission:

We will entertain our players by providing a gaming atmosphere that is both challenging and fun, regardless of whether a person prefers adventure, combat, political, physical, role-playing, or mental challenges. We will offer our members well-balanced events that provide all of our players an equal opportunity to be both entertained and advance in the areas of their particular skills and interests.

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The History of NERO

the first gatherings that would later become NERO were held by Ford Ivey in rural Massachusetts, under the name “Weekend Warriors” in 1986 after he was inspired by a New Hampshire game called “Midrealms Adventures”.[1] Over about two years, along with around two dozen friends, they refined their rules and learned more about running live action games amongst themselves, until in March 1988 they began to work on a new concept in LARPing. Instead of each game being a separate game with separate characters and each game having a single linear plot-line, they began to work on a LARP with a single game world, persistent characters, and multiple overlapping and long-term plotlines.
In fall of 1989 they changed their name to the New England Role playing Organization and began to operate larger events. The first event in April 1989 drew approximately 150 participants, and the game slowly grew over the next three years to be a very popular pastime in the Massachusetts area. By 1991, weekend event attendance peaked between 300 and 500 participants and the organization boasted over 1,300 paid members.
In September 1991, Issue #173 of Dragon magazine published an article about NERO,[2] which elicited broader interest from the role playing community. Suddenly, NERO was a nationally-known game, and players began to travel to events from across the United States and Canada, increasing event attendance to more than 700 participants.
In 1998, Joseph Valenti purchased NERO from Ford Ivey and began aggressively expanding NERO into new parts of the US and Canada by selling franchise licenses to people who wished to open and operate a local chapter in their area.
Over the years, a number of chapters or groups of chapters have broken away from NERO to form their own, separate organizations. Among these are LAIRE (as featured in Role Models), Southern Organization for Live Action Re-enactments (SOLAR), Alliance LARP, and Heroic Interactive Theater

All information was taken directly from NERO Websites.