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Compete in tournaments!

The World Boffing League is your centre for all things and events boffing-related. Generally, the league is set up into two different brackets: Titan League and Dragon League. Titan League represents the highest level of the single-member tournaments. Dragon League represents the highest level of the Team tournaments. These tournaments represent the core of the […]

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Get Sponsored!

 the WBL is young. However, we are in talks with some major sponsors. Although we can not at this time Disclose who we are in talks with, we can tell you they are looking for eye catching fighters who are not only skilled, but fighters who fight with Flair and style! These fighters capture the […]

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What is Boffing?

For years, millions around the world have enjoyed the pleasure of Boffing. What is boffing? Boffing is where a group of players that  join together as a team to wage full-contact battle with a rival team adorned with weapons, armor and a passion for glory. Boffing is a contact combative sport that uses padded weapons […]

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What is the World Boffing League?

The worlds boffing fans, face a daunting truth; they are scattered across the country, across the globe, and tournaments and other enthusiasts are hard to locate or rsvp unless you happen across one at a convention. That is where we come in. The World Boffing League is a tournament organization where people from all over […]

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