For years, millions around the world have enjoyed the pleasure of Boffing. What is boffing?

Boffing is where a group of players that  join together as a team to wage full-contact battle with a rival team adorned with weapons, armor and a passion for glory.

Boffing is a contact combative sport that uses padded weapons to allow players to assume a full-war potential of fun, without anyone getting hurt. Why the name? The name comes from the sound those weapons make when they hit a player; “boff”, hence the name.

All weapons are inspected and adhere to a strict standard so there are no real injuries during a tournament.

The variety of weapons is vast, ranging from axes, maces, flails, whips, throwing weapons, swords and shields, to less traditional weapons, such as a fist on the end of a chain, or a duct tape chicken launched from a catapult.

We have seen it all, and as long as it adheres to the safety precautions, it is allowed in the event.

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